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TA Super Steer Roping

The Iron Urban Cowboy, a modern day rodeo style competition that not only let’s the cowboy show off their skills they grew up doing, but also brings out the cowboy in the competitors that always thought they should’ve been or could have been GREAT cowboys.

The Iron Urban Cowboy consists of competing is a series of event’s taken from the sport of rodeo and eliminating the uncertainty, fear and danger that goes hand in hand with rodeo livestock and shady one horse town taverns and putting it in a controlled atmosphere. Any man, woman, or child are able to compete and earthier show off their skills or live out a dream of getting to compete in an event they’ve only been spectators for. When you hear Cowboy you picture roping. When you think Cowboy you see bull riding. When you act like a Cowboy you put your fists up in the name of honor, self respect, or maybe just to have a little fun. Three Amigos Super Steer Roping has combined Roping, Bull Riding, and Fighting and created the Iron Urban Cowboy.

-Roping the Super Steer. A mechanical steer that is scaled down and easily simulates what it’s like to rope off a horse in a competition setting. In this event the competitor will have to rope in the heading and heeling sides of what is known as team roping. This event is where the competitor establishes an aggregate time.

-Bull Riding, the mechanical bull simulates what it’s like to ride a real bull in a competition setting without the danger of a uncontrollable beast and if the competitor completes a qualified ride of 8 seconds they earn a score. Two judges who score the ride on the rider’s style and the bull’s bucking style give the competitor a combined score from the two judges in the form of points that will be converted into seconds and deducted from the established aggregate time from the roping.

-Punching the Bag, using the KO machine(Knock out) to gage how hard a competitor can hit instead of a good old fashioned bar fight, the competitor receives a score from, which will be converted into seconds and deducted from the created aggregate time. After this competition has been completed the Iron Urban Cowboy Champion will be the one with the lowest/fastest aggregate time. In the event of a tie, 1 game of 8 ball pool will be played and the Iron Urban Cowboy Champion will be the winner of that.